Welcome to the 2018 Grand Tournament

GT Registration

X-Wing Registration

BFS Custom X-Wing Mat


Friday Night Shadespire Tournament


Friday Night Kill Team Event



40k GT:

2000 points

3 hr rounds

Standard ITC format and missions (new beta missions and secondaries will be used)

3 detachments as per GW FAQ matched play rules.


Mission Packet Here


All players are guaranteed 6 games and play on BOTH days. After day 1, all players will be placed into brackets of 8 to compete for prizes and awards.


8AM Doors Open

9AM – 12PM Round 1

12:45PM – 3:45PM Round 2

4:00PM-7:00PM Round 3


8AM Doors Open

9AM – 12PM Round 1

12:45PM – 3:45PM Round 2

4:00PM-7:00PM Round 3

7:15 PM award ceremony


Model policy:

All models must be WYSIWYG. Model or wargear substitutions will not be allowed without permission from the TOs.

All models must be painted to a 3 color tabletop standard.

All Forgeworld models must be the actual forgeworld model. Alternate casting and creative conversions will be allowed with prior permission from the TOs. Substitute models (storm ravens as fire raptors, or whirlwind as scorpius whirlwind) will not be allowed.


X Wing:


2.0 edition rules will be used

BFS will follow all official tournament rules from FFG.

200 point lists

All players will play 5 games on day 1. We will cut to a top 8 for Day 2.





10 AM registration check in

1030 AM round 1

12 noon round 2

115 PM lunch

215 PM round 3

345 PM round 4

515 PM round 5

645 End of day 1 ceremony


11 AM round 1

1230 PM round 2

2PM round 3 Final

4PM award ceremony